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$19 Starter (Annually)

$228.00 / year

You will be billed $228.00 annually until you cancel your subscription.

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You have never seen a way to invest as affordable and easy as our Starter bullion box. With this choice, you will get the best fractional silver monthly.

After your entire year of receiving our high purity fractional silver, you will be able to have a significantly valuable inventory with items that you can trade for cash or continue to grow. With this option, you will gradually have valuable assets without hurting your budget.

While our Starter bullion subscription is relatively cheap, the expertise that we put into curating the monthly boxes is just as premium as our higher tiers. Our professional curators will carefully pick out the best items in the market and ensure you will have pieces that maximize your $19.

What’s good about fractional silver?

First of all, it is silver in .999 fine purity. Silver is in demand in many niches and markets.

With fractional silver in your bullion collection, you can easily choose how much you want to trade for cash at a time. You can sell just a little bit for a certain amount or exchange a hefty sum for more.

With a Starter whole year subscription, you will eventually be able to collect a fair amount of metal. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to get assets that will be vital to your finances.

If you own a significant amount of silver, you will always find another investor, company, or entity looking for it. It is both wanted in investments, jewelry, electronics, medicine, dentistry, and others.

Silver is In-Demand for Jewelry

Because of silver’s antibacterial properties, it has become one of the most popular precious metals to use for jewelry. It doesn’t irritate body parts like other low-end metals, and it doesn’t corrode.

If you grow a significant collection of silver, you will be able to sell it as raw material to jewelers.


Silver is the best metal to use for eating utensils because it is antibacterial and non-corrosive. It is usually alloyed with copper or is used as a coating for silverware.

This use presents a holder of the metal another trade opportunity.

Silver is Crucial for the Electronics Industry
Refrigerators, smartphones, TV, laptops, and other electronic appliances all have silver in their parts. Silver is favored in the electronics and hardware industry because it doesn’t corrode and has excellent heat and electricity conduction.

It is chosen more than gold for high-speed devices because gold is impractically costly to utilize in massive amounts for industrial purposes. If you have enough silver in your storage, technological innovations in hardware is an inevitable time for you to get high returns.

Invest in Silver Today

The earlier you decide to invest, the better. Silver will surely increase in value over the years, and technology is a ticking time bomb for breakthrough products you can leverage.

If you don’t have the budget, you can take our Starter subscription for the best fractional silver delivered to you monthly. Fractional silver coins and bars come in 1/10 oz to ½ oz.

You can get Monarch coins and bars, Sunshine Mints, Suns of Liberty, Pand other small silver bullion items.

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