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$22 Starter (1 Year Agreement)

$22.00 now, and $22.00 on the 15th of each month

First payment: April 15, 2023

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On a budget but looking for stable investments? Look no further.

You can get a monthly delivery of fractional silver with our Starter option at only $22 per month. Sign-up for a monthly delivery and collect the best small-sized silver bullion.

As you collect monthly bullion, you will gradually have a robust collection of precious metals that you can either exchange for cash or keep on growing. As you collect, the price of silver will ideally rise, and you will earn money when you choose to trade.

While this option is cheap, the efforts put into curating each monthly box are as premium as any tier in Bullion Box Subscriptions. The same experts source, qualify and organize each box we prepare to ensure the highest quality.

Why invest in fractional silver?

Silver in any form is an excellent investment, especially when you grow a fair amount of it in your inventory. Like other bullion, fractional silver is .999 fine and will have the same value for weight as bigger-sized items.

The edge that smaller items give you is that you can easily subdivide the value of your bullion. If you only have larger items, it will be hard for you to set an exact amount.

When you need to cash out a certain amount during emergencies, you wouldn’t have to sell an entire large item. You can set the right amount with smaller denominations.

With a fair amount of the metal in your inventory, you will always find the time when you can sell the holdings for excellent profits. Silver is a crucial commodity for investments, electronics, silverware, jewelry, dentistry, medicine, and chemical applications.

Silver is Mostly Used in Jewelry

Silver has antibacterial properties and is highly lustrous and malleable, making it perfect for making jewelry. It is non-corrosive, doesn’t irritate the skin, and is significantly beautiful compared to other low-end metals.

With silver in your portfolio, you can find a jeweler to sell to for great returns.


Silver practically the best metal to use for cutlery and utensils for food because it is significantly cheaper than gold and has antibacterial properties. With a fair amount of silver bullion in your collection, you can sell to companies in this industry.

Silver Has High Demand for Industrial Uses

All modern electronics contain silver in its components. You can find silver in TVs, phones, computers, cars, fridges, air conditioning, aircraft, and others. The demand for silver is affected when massive productions in technology and hardware arise.

If you own silver when these rises in demand happen, you are in for significant profits.

Invest in Silver Today

With our Starter option, you will get fractional silver coins and bars in 1/10 oz to ½ oz sizes. These may seem small, but collect and enjoy the fruits of the investment in the future.

Invest as early as today because the value of precious metals eventually rises. If you buy now, you will sell for a higher price in the future.

This $22 Starter subscription is the best investment you can start with if you are on a budget but still want to secure your finances.